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Can a dachshund cure cancer? Lucy Lui did

Can a dachshund cure cancer? Lucy Lui did

I have a rescue story with a happy ending. Eleven years ago, my mom was diagnosed with an incurable disease. She was told at best she had 10 years, worst less than a year to live.  She was depressed. She declared she was getting a dog! So I began the search with her.  Every time we saw a pet store we stopped in.  She wanted a miniature pincher. This particular day, I told her to go in the store next door while I checked to see if the pet store had dogs.  I went in and saw the conditions.  It was dark, damp, and the dogs were in the back; stacked in cages one atop the next.  It smelled of pee and poop. I went next door and told her they didn't have what she was looking for, my heart breaking for the animals. She insisted on seeing them. So reluctantly, I followed her knowing she would cry if she saw what I did. When she saw her, she asked to hold her.  We both had her named immediately, Lucy. Lucy had papers! A miniature dachshund,  with papers, was dumped in this place. We paid for her and took her straight to the vet. Heart worms, ear mites and malnutrition to the point they told us she wouldn't live 1 month! THEY SHUT DOWN THE STORE! We treated her illnesses and put her on a special diet. Last month, she turned 11 Years Old! And my mom. .. She got a clean bill of health from the same doctor.  He told her he didn't know if she was a woman of faith, but medicine couldn't explain her recovery! Lucy lives with me now. She got depressed when I moved and took her brother (my mini dachshund), but perked up when she came to see him.  So we made it permanent. 8 months old and told she'd die in a month. Now 11 years old and the worst thing she has is a fear of crates! Lindsay Proud Mom of Lucy Lui Austin, TX

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