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Dachshund Double Oven Gloves

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Double oven gloves with an adorable dachshund design. Celebrates all things Dachshund. With its fun loving and whimsical depiction of the lovable breed and brightly colored polka dots as accents.

Our Double Oven Gloves are made from natural cotton with a polyester wading. They are ideal for handling hot pots and pans, as well as piping hot dishes straight out of the oven. Joined in the center our double oven gloves provide protection for both hands, ensuring you don't get burnt when cooking up a storm in the kitchen or mastering chicken skewers on the BBQ.

Measures 34.6"x7.1"

Material: 100% Cotton Outer; 100% Polyester wadding; CE marked

Product Care Instructions: Machine wash at 40°(synthetic cycle); do not bleach; do not tumble dry; 2 dot iron; do not dry clean.