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Natural Flea + Tick Prevention

Best Natural Flea and Tick Prevention


Simply add the powders and drops to your animals daily diet, the combination of the vitamins, minerals and herbs, helps to change the odor of your dog and cats blood, so that fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and black flies do not like the odor or taste of the blood. The odor is undetectable by humans and is loathed by bugs, therefore they do not like to bite, embed or to be attracted to your animal at all! At the same time, these remedies are building their immune system. We believe the healthier the animal the less likely for any infestations. It works! Over 20 years of proven testimonials!

  1. Add our Internal Powder or Herbal Powder to your animal’s diet morning and evening, every day, all year round.
  2. During Peak season add Herbal Flea and Tick drops every day in their water, mouth or food.
  3. Spray our Organic Bug Spray on your dog’s belly, paws and mist the exterior skin and coat daily during spring, fall and summer months. This will help repel the bugs. You can use this spray too! Made for people and your Dogs!

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